credits to american apparel 

credits to american apparel 

peanutbutterandjulia said: Love your school lunches! Please keep posting! You rock :-)

thanks! you rock too :)

taigomaciver said: Good food for abnormally tall people? I'm 199cm tall and a girl and my parents think I don't eat right for some strange reason.

i don’t think there is an answer to this question, gorgeous! eat the same way as everyone else i offer advice to. while your diet does play some role in your ultimate height, your genes are the most major factor determining your rate of growth. if you’re that tall, it means you are eating well and continue eating as you have been as your body is telling you it has enough energy to function, as well as fuel growth. good on ya!

Anonymous said: I have a good dehydrator and I was just wondering if freshly dehydrated fruit is healthy or not or is it even healthy than say a straight banana or apple?

home food drying leaves vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes virtually intact given that the temperature does not exceed that of around 115˚ F. that’s around 45˚ Celsius. from there, some of those nutrients start to denature and raw foodists tend to say the nutrients are being destroyed from this point on. so as long as you dehydrate at a low temperature, you are simply just removing the water content from the fruit and its nutrition should remain the same as fresh fruit :)

Anonymous said: I hope you're doing okay =] glad to have you back!

thank you sweetness :) kisses for you :*

Anonymous said: Hi! I love your blog so so so much!!! The lunches are really helpful!! Do you know of any other blogs like yours for food?

thank you heaps! no, i’m so sorry - i’ve been away for awhile so none come to mind at the moment. 

Anonymous said: Are artificial sweeteners "better" than normal sugar? I use Splenda but I've heard it's not as good as people say. Any suggestions on what I could use instead? & should I add a bit of sugar to my tea since its bitter or no?

In all honesty, i really think normal sugar is better than artificial sweetners. I use stevia and i’m really happy with it’s flavour and what i’ve read up on about it is all pretty positive. artifical sweeteners are so bad for your health, they’re associated with the development of many health conditions which are super nasty and no fun. if you can, try buying coconut, rapadura, panela, or sucanat sugar to put in your tea. they are so much better for you and are much less refined. they taste better too!! super caramel-y. here are some helpful articles:

skylorde said: your blog is so helpful in making lunches (school or not) and really, thanks for having this!

Yay - thank you!

Anonymous said: I kinda wish that you had a seperate blog for answering questions about food and such so it would be a bit easier sorting through your blog ^^;

i’m sorry! >.<

yogurtplusgranola said: hi!!! if i wanna eat healthy but i also want to eat something like a candy, what can i eat bc i love sweet things!!

here’s a super long bloody delicious list of things to try if you are having a sweet craving but want to be having something healthy: